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What is Redwood?

Why Redwood Trees?

Giant Sequoia trees in the famous REDWOOD forest are known for their massive size. 
Standing up to 300 feet TALL, and spanning up to 30 feet in diameter,

one might think that these Redwoods have incredibly deep root systems;

however, this simply isn't true. 

Redwoods are only able to reach such heights because...

instead of standing alone, they STAND TOGETHER;

their roots actually intertwine with one another until not even the biggest storms can shake them,

because beneath the surface, there is an entire network of root systems holding them up,

as opposed to being forced to rely on theirs alone.

For those who weren't planted in an environment into which they could comfortably 'bury their roots,'

REDWOOD is a community that welcomes all who hunger for growth in areas such as

faith, finance, family, health, fitness, and fun. 

Redwood is a place for high performers who don’t fit into the church;

a place where they will be celebrated for STANDING TALL;

where they will find resources to show them how to have VICTORY in ALL areas of life. 

Because of the network of relationships and resources available to its members,

individuals within the Redwood community both thrive in their individual surroundings AND

seek to add to the forest always by TAKING TERRITORY in an effort to build the Mighty Kingdom. 

As a community, members of Redwood STAND TALL, STAND TOGETHER, and TAKE TERRITORY.

Questions? Comments? Design Requests?

Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the Redwood brand and different resources this community provides. 

Thanks for your message! We'll be in touch.
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